What were you doing on Saturday night? Play that back in your head, except do so knowing that a massive space battle was occuring at the same time. A space battle kicked off entirely by accident. A space battle so big it could not be simulated, it had to be crafted and pushed forward by human ego, so big it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and yet so small that you wouldn’t have known about it if you weren’t an EVE Online player. It’s beyond a microcosm. It’s downright microcosmic.

It is the year 2013 and these realities sit side by side with each other, but thanks to events like these it is increasingly hard to tell which one is supposed to be science fiction, and that is amazing.


Last Saturday, Over 2800 Spaceships Clashed in a Battle Costing Thousands of Dollars (via wilwheaton)

This is insanely interesting.

(via wilwheaton)