Lights on my new Surly Pacer. Front is an Ixon Pure attached to a NOB XL. I haven’t taken it outside yet but it casts a good beam down the hallway. I know you don’t want to mount these too low but this seems like a fine spot.

Rear is a Portland Design Radbot 1000. I’m not sure if the mount is from them or Planet Bike. The light has a slight upward tilt; this could be troublesome for someone riding close behind, but nobody in a car will be close enough for it the bother them. Angling it down by one click blocks the release tab from working, so this will have to do.

I may add a set of the Soma bar-end lights just to give a few more points of light to the view from behind. The only possible supplement to the Ixon would probably be a helmet-mounted light if I ever actually do a long brevet.